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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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terms of the san francisco police department in addition to the invited guests, there were -- there was a significant presence not only what of other command staff, members of the command staff there, but also a number of officers within the departments. there was a good representation and cross-section of the police department. commissioners to my command staff, officers there in support of this coalition of religious groups and school groups and it was kind of a hopeful turn in terms of some of the other organizations since the unfortunate incident that happened about a month ago. in terms of the organization coming together and a couple of the young speakers there.
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i believe they were -- indicated that the police is our ally. working with us. everybody being committed with a plan to go forward. as the chief indicated with billions -- buy ins to help the committee reduce the violence in the community and make the debut of a safer place to live. i found it very encouraging. in terms of what the community put together. i think the department's presence and support of it was important. >> thank you. commissioners germ terman: overe last month or so, i experienced
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serious health issues and i would like to thank the members of this commission, especially president mazzucco. for your daily tech fans -- check ins and care and concern. i learned it is true that if you do not have your health, you do not have anything. is your care and concern that has made me want to redouble my efforts to make sure i do a good job here. thank you for your -- i am 110% now. >>commissioner chan: i wanted to announce and will do it prematurely. i want this to happen. this b.i.t. applications will hopefully be out next week. -- dacey i.t -- the cit
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applications will be out next week. the city could use your service. especially with dealing with mental health crisis -- crises. and to help the stakeholders who put together the training that will be launched in the next couple of months. i think it will be at to week or so turnaround to apply for the position. i do want to get the word out there. >> thank you. line-item 3d. announcements and scheduling . is there anything we need to discuss tonight? >> the chief gave such an
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impressive report i am most reluctant to bring this up. at one point when we were talking, you indicated the academy and it looks like we will get an academy this year and you have indicated at an earlier meeting that there would be testing for qualified applicants. i wanted to put out there that as soon as you have had the thoughts and everything together in terms of what you are looking for in canada its, it would be of interest as it would be two other commissioners to see what those " the taste -- qualification criteria would consist of and not only let us know but also an opportunity for the public to be -- hear it at the commission meeting. if you could let us know what day that would be.
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and reasonable to do it. keeping in mind the actual date of the testing. >> is that something fellow commissioners think is something that -- if we want to spend commission time? >> i will talk with hr. commissioner chan: i wanted to let the other commissioners know that we did a calendar for september 14. an action item/discussion to improve our services to officers. that we will work on with the annett to look at what are some of the best practices out there and also wet they would like to see to improve the unit and come back to this group to figure out what we need to do to take
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action that evening. i also wanted to put on our screen language access. we did -- language access remained in the top tier. i want to calendar this for october. for us to come back and get an update from the folks in the department who language -- handle language access to see where we were with the general order -- order that was passed in 2007. also with the equal access report that we've received a copy of a few weeks ago, the department along with many other departments work audited to see where they were and we were good in some places and other places we were not. the presentation should include not only where we were with implementing parts of the dgo, how often these services are used but also where we are with meeting their requirements in the equal access ordinance which is a requirement in all report
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-- departments. i am wondering what day would be good. >> i am available all month. commissioner chan: october 5? >> do we agree, october 5? >> commissioner chan: language access. also wanted to ask for -- to do a deeper presentation about the status of any pending general orders and policy proposals. we received that packet but we need time to ask questions and for us to highlight what our priorities are in terms of d go's. twe need to give the department time to put that together?
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i wondered if we want to schedule that for october or september. >> we do not have much scheduled for october. we have a few items for september. it might be a good thing to do the week after the lep presentation or a week after. maybe the 12th? commissioner chan: thank you. president mazzucco: commissioner dejesus. commissioner dejesus: i assume we're going to look into this and you will report back. supervisors may be looking at legislation and we need to be in the forefront in terms of leadership. i wonder if you are reporting back next week or the following week on the resolutions that were in portland and how do we
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go forward? >> we contacted poor land in an effort to find out the status of the resolution and we are told according -- we were told the resolution was in force and they had a less formal agreement. copies were provided of the resolution. in an effort to find out how why was misinformed or if i was misinformed, or what the confusion is, capt. murphy was the one who spoke to portland and i will ask him to be here next wednesday so we can clear it up. >> city hall will not be available. >> maybe we can take him. or have him here the following week. >> this is something we will explore and have on calendar and
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have some leadership. >> i met with former presidents sparks and we talked about the bureau order and took recommendations from the human rights commission and we are redrafting that order. even mr. crew was satisfied. it appeared to close the gap, although the concern was it is not permanent. a new chief could undo what the order says. we are working on making its current to all the recommendations from commissioner sparks' group. making sure it is the policy and procedures of the san francisco police department and the statutes and ordinances of the city that are trumped and any other rules that may be in play. >> i look forward to hearing the report. commissioner terman: i want to
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say that as of last week, although i appreciate us discussing our priorities and scheduling, language access was one of the things that i wanted to make a priority. i would like us to remember that we did go last week that commissioner kingsley and myself, we would sketch out a plan to schedule those things. so we arinder -- we can get buy in and remember that all issues are covered. i do not have an issue of was pulling out individually but if we are doing this in an organized fashion, we have to do it in an organized fashion. president mazzucco: we have announcements. >> we will be going dark next week and the following week, we will be meeting at to roosevelt middle school in the richmond district and that is at 6:00
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p.m. the next meeting will be here at city hall september 7. >> can you repeat that? >> we will be receiving e-mail communications from you. it is posted online. president mazzucco: is there any public comment? >> good evening once again. i have one brief comment, more like a question. recently, we had an addition to this commission, mr. turman. brought in by the board of supervisors based on his
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background and talent. is there some sort of secret list on how many a policeman there are and which ones and which ranks and if you have some sort of privileged information to that degree, could you share with the public at large? i am aware of four days supervisors -- four gay supervisors and i did not know there was a secret list about gay policeman. if you have one, i suggest you share it with the public at large. i think there is no criteria in the city that i know of that determines that you should be a sergeant or lieutenant commander based on your sexual background. it should be based on your ability. based on your ability as a policeman. not your sexual orientation.
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i know of no city in the united states that has the law like that on its books today that we now have to keep a list of police officers and firemen as to what their sexual orientation is and see if they're moving up the ladder to fire chief for chief of police. based on their sexual background. i leave this to the commission. if mr. terman has a list of such, where does he get it and why is it not public information? that is all i have, i think you for time. >> we do not respond or nearly. this is the most diverse police department in the country. i saw that in my career as a federal prosecutor. one thing people seem to forget is when you are a member of the san francisco police department,
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it is irrelevant as to who you are, your race, sexual orientation, religion, when an officer calls for back up, no one asks, they respond. when citizens call, the response. this police department is a family. one of the highest ranking members of the pride lands is wearing my father's badget and i talked to him frequently, as frequently as last week. there is no secret list. they are members of the family. a family that is sworn to protect and serve the city and someone's sexual orientation is irrelevant. this is an incredible department and i am proud. commissioner terman: i made myself clear that diversity helps us connect to our communities in ways that are beneficial to the greater
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community at large. so, i do not know of any secret list. as for reference brought in by supervisors and there being four supervisors, i do not know what that is a reference to. i was elected by 11 of 11 supervisors to sit where i am today. thank you. >> i stand before this commission. it represents the community. i have nothing further to say. anything further? thanks for the public comment. public comment is closed. >> item 4. public comment on -- and a vote whether . >> whether to hold
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>> we are back in open session. >> item number7 is a vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion on item 6. "i move not to disclose. >> second. >> without objection. >> is there any public comment? >> item number8 is adjournment. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you.
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>> i need your executive director of cnbc. -- i am the executive director of cnbc. i want to welcome you to this truly joyous occasion, commemorating the completion of the rehab of civic center
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residents. we bought this building 38 years ago, and it has been through a couple of partial rehabs before now, but before now, this had leaky plumbing, inadequate electrical. it was just one, slow elevator, and a dingy community kitchen. you can see what a beautiful space it is now. we raised $30,000,000.20% of that came from the mayor's office of housing. -- $30 million and 20% of that came from the mayor's office of housing. the department of public health is providing subsidies for the 100-plus homeless households' living here.
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housing and community development, enterprise. hundreds of staff people coming together to bring this beautiful project to fruition. in that sense, this is our model for preserving affordable housing in san francisco and throughout the country. for another 30 years, this will provide an affordable home for generations of low income people. with that, i would like to introduce our mayor, ed lee. [applause] >> thank you. don, it is my personal pleasure to be here, in a community that i care very much about, and that we know has a history of struggling to exist. now we see something that reflects a lot of my values, the history that i have had with this city, having been an attorney who represented tenants who live in a lot of run-down
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places, to now be able to walk into these well-managed places, sro's, half of which are focused on our homeless or formally- homeless persons. i also want to recognize the incredible efforts by some in the different people who have come together to make this happen. i know a lot of these people personally. so many of the entities in between. when deraa was describing the entities they came together to forge a $31 million it took, he named seven different agencies that had to combine themselves in different ways, including
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redevelopment, housing, state, and all of these entities have to work together. i am so glad that we have a mayor's office of housing that can help with a reputable community-based agency to forge this kind of relationship. because, when you are working in a building where you also promiseall of the construction g on, and when our goal is to make this building seismically safe, and when every unit gets a working bathroom, accessible showers on every floor come and that people can live here while that is happening, that is an incredible, complex thing to do in the heart of our city in the tenderloin.
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tried to do that in another community, -- try to do that in another community. it is hard. you need a tight-knit community. i was walking around here this morning. it is all smiles. though they know that they have got a great place to be, for a long time. the significance of this rehabilitation has other aspects of our wealth and human for the city. its seismic upgrades. extremelif you know me, one of my passions is to be sure we are ready for the next earthquake. for folks who could not move elsewhere, to feel safe in the building they were a part of, helped to contribute to making seismically safe, and our
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earnings and ability to have earthquake insurance cover them, we have a fantastic story to tell here. in addition, it has added 105 units to the whole 10-year end homeless program that we committed to. this helps to achieve 1800 units of those 3000 that we committed to building. i am sure the people that helped us write the program would be proud. these units are not just high places for people. it is also a service. services from our department of public health and from the human services agency. a collaboration that this
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building represents. we have a lot to celebrate because not only is it a complex thing to do, in a needy community, but it accomplishes so many other goals that the city has articulated that are really important. i look forward to many more with the tndc. there is a lot more to do. i walk in and marvel all of the amenities that we have, and units are so precious in this community. i can only thing, how many hundreds of others wanted to be in this situation? and they would want to have a mayor, board of supervisors, city and state agencies all working together in a less political setting, more in a community, social goals setting, where we can collaborate and put our money together and work with
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wonderful banks, like wells fargo, and others who are contributing to the financing of this building. it is not politics that rules the day. it is people that have great objectives that put down the barriers they can. the biggest barrier is the barrier of poverty. to put that away and to just people can live in decent housing all their lives, and the city can benefit to that goal. i want to thank everyone here who worked together on this. those that had to move tenants around in the building, keeping everyone safe. and while the construction was going on, there was a fire in the tenderloin a few months ago, and the president needed to have an emergency place. you are standing in the very place that tndc opened up for those victims for a couple of weeks.
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that shows the tremendous heart and bellevuevalue that tndc hasr this city. i am so fortunate that i can be here to share this with you, and to make sure that i acknowledge all the people that put this together, all the people that will run this place. we need more of these examples in the city. so with that, congratulations. congratulations to everyone here for putting together a fantastic project. [applause] >> thank you, mayor lee. please welcome to the podium, richard gross from enterprise community partners. >> thank you. i was told by three different
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people leading up to this that i should speak for two minutes, and two minutes only. but as you can see from the program, i have a couple of people down because some other people are not here, so now i can speak for 45 minutes. i was trying to figure out what to say yesterday. i have been doing a number of these and i do not want to repeat myself at these things. there are some standards things i could say. we have over $100 million invested in the tndc projects, over 200 million in the tenderloin, south of market. we are proud to be invested early on and these projects, committing to the work that tndc and other nonprofits are doing. i always say that these groups are the real heroes. they are the ones that sweat
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blood. they are the ones that deserve the real credit. more than any of us standing up here today. i was reading the newspaper this morning, and there was an article in the paper. i said, that is my chance for a soapbox. so i will speak for two minutes, starting now. it was an article about church street -- turk street. there is a tndc project there on the corner. i want to make sure i get this right. the author who wrote this column misses the point, as he often does. it misses the point in a number of ways. 178 affordable units, services


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